Chale Community Project, Energising Chale.

"People in Chale have always helped each other"

Our aims are:

  1. To reduce fuel costs
  2. To generate local employment opportunities
  3. To create a sustainable community

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Final checks of properties

The first set of final checks have been undertaken to ensure that the air source heat pumps and solar PVs are working correctly and that households are on the most beneficial energy tariff.

At the same time, a survey was carried out with householders to gauge satisfaction levels and allow people to give honest feedback about their experience throughout these installations.

Out of the 35 homes visited, only 5 people were less than satisfied. This was for a range of reasons which included: being on the wrong electricity tariff, having the programmer on the wrong setting or because they were having to get used to the new central heating system having never had one before.

Overall, people thought that the benefits of having the heating system outweighed the 2-3 days of disruption during the installation process. It was also interesting to find out that there is a huge difference in the tariffs that people are paying for their energy.

Final checks will be carried out on the remaining properties in the next few weeks.

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