Chale Community Project, Energising Chale.

"People in Chale have always helped each other"

Our aims are:

  1. To reduce fuel costs
  2. To generate local employment opportunities
  3. To create a sustainable community

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Chale is lucky enough to have its own recycling centre at Chale Green Stores but here’s some more information about what happens to your waste after it is collected by Island Waste and information about how to recycle as much of it as possible.

Thankfully a lot of people in Chale already do their bit to reduce litter to a minimum but the Chale Community Project is organizing a dedicated ‘Stop the Drop’ day in August. If you’d like to be involved, watch out for more information on the News section of this site or email:


Refuse and Recycling Information

What happens to my waste?

Waste Truck

Current news:

For more ideas and advices on recycling, check out

recycle now

How much waste is produced on the Isle of Wight?

The Isle of Wight Council is responsible for the collection, recycling, and disposal of waste from over 67,000 domestic properties on the Island. There are also 60 mini recycling sites and three household waste recycling centres for use by local residents.

Residents are provided with a weekly rubbish collection. They also have access to a fortnightly recycling collection, and a weekly food waste collection

Isle of Wight Council works in close partnership with Island Waste Services to provide these services as part of the Integrated Waste Management Contract.


Sign up to CPRE President Bill Bryson’s Stop the Drop campaign which is tackling the litter and fly-tipping problem that is spoiling our beautiful countryside.

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