Chale Community Project, Energising Chale.

"People in Chale have always helped each other"

Our aims are:

  1. To reduce fuel costs
  2. To generate local employment opportunities
  3. To create a sustainable community

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Grow Your Own

The Government have recently announced plans to launch a “grow your own” revolution by encouraging people to set up temporary allotments or community gardens on land awaiting development or other permanent use.

Chale has an active Horticultural Society who play an important role in the running of the annual Chale Show and can offer discounts on seeds to Chale residents

To find out more about the Chale Horticultural Society, call Bob Pritchard on 01983 551205

A site for a community garden is being sought in Chale but there are a number of benefits from growing your own produce which include:

  • It tastes better – if you grow organically in soil which is of the right quality and eat it as soon as you can after harvesting you will get a fuller flavour.
  • You can avoid all the food additives and preservatives that you get in commercially produced food.
  • Its healthy work – you can get fit digging an allotment.
  • Reduced carbon miles in the food production ( from the allotment to your table ).
  • It’s a social activity – you meet lots of people managing an allotment who share your passion for local produce.
  • You can grow lots of the things that you like the best.
  • You can swap things with your friends and neighbours.
  • If you produce enough of it you can even create a mini community produce market ... where other people can benefit from your wares.
  • You can maintain an all year round growing season delivering produce most of the year.
  • As a general rule the closer the relationship between your food and the original source ( i.e. the sun ) the more goodness there is in it for you … so your home grown produce can actually help to make you healthier.

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