Chale Community Project, Energising Chale.

"People in Chale have always helped each other"

Our aims are:

  1. To reduce fuel costs
  2. To generate local employment opportunities
  3. To create a sustainable community

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Our Supporters

A big thanks to all the following without whom this project wouldn't be possible:

The People of Chale:

Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Re-think the Future

Funding Partners:

Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Re-think the Future

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is one of the partners in this community project and the learnings from the Chale Community Project will be integrated into the Foundation's education programme.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation aims to equip young people for work in a world of increasingly limited resources and inspire them to re-think, re-design and build a more sustainable future.

Visit the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

South Wight Housing Association (SWHA)

South Wight Housing Association (SWHA)

South Wight Housing Association (SWHA) is the largest housing association on the Isle of Wight. It owns and manages over 3,000 homes; and with the help of nearly 300 staff, provides over one-third of the Isle of Wight’s supported housing, including Spanners Close where the renewables retrofit for this project will take place.

SWHA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Housing Group.

Visit the South Wight Housing Association

Supporting Partners:

Footprint Trust

Footprint Trust

The Footprint Trust Ltd is an Island-based charity, promoting the benefits of sustainable living and conservation.

It is dedicated to working with the Island’s community to promote the benefits of sustainable living and is playing an important role in the Chale Community Project by providing guidance to Chale residents on how to reduce their fuel bills through better use of energy and water.

Visit the Footprint Trust

Footprint Trust

Island 2000 Group

Island 2000 Group is an award-winning environmental charity whose mission is to “further and enrich our response to our own times and our own environment”(with thanks to American cartoonist Robert Osborn!) through little projects, big projects, partnership, advocacy and celebration.

Visit the Island 2000 Group

Southern Vectis

Southern Vectis

Southern Vectis is the Island's bus company, providing a viable alternative to using the car which reduces pollution and congestion in our town centres. In 2007 they made a massive investment to renew their fleet to make the buses both accessible and environmentally friendly. They bought Mercedes-Benz Citaro single deckers and Scania OmniCity double deckers. They are all easy-access low-floor types and their fuel efficient engines produce fewer harmful emissions. Just one of the double deckers can take 87 motorists off our congested roads - and with 28 of them... well, you do the maths!

They have also put messages on the backs of the buses with simple ideas to help reduce fuel bills and do that little bit extra for the planet.

Southern Vectis are showing their support for the Chale Community Project by offering a reduced bus fare for Chale residents.

Visit Southern Vectis

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