Chale Community Project, Energising Chale.

"People in Chale have always helped each other"

Our aims are:

  1. To reduce fuel costs
  2. To generate local employment opportunities
  3. To create a sustainable community

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Local Businesses

Wight Heat

Wight Heat

Wight Heat Briquettes are made from 100% clean wood waste, nothing added.

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Chale Green Stores

Chale Green Stores

A real asset to the village, the Stores has been around for 100 years but was recently extended and upgraded. Heat and hot water for the new buildings is provided by a ground source heat recovery system and a rainwater harvesting system provides water to irrigate the garden and flush the toilets. Four light tubes feed natural light into the shop and the new buildings are double insulated to reduce heat loss.

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Chale Farm Shop

Chale Farm Shop

Sells the most delicious homemade ice creams and chutneys!

Blackgang Chine

Blackgang Chine

Claimed to be the oldest theme park in the world. Currently hosting an exhibition about coastal erosion called the Disappearing Village and BBC Coast based on the popular TV series.

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Wight Mouse Inn

Wight Mouse Inn

The only place to drink in Chale.

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Period & Modern Joinery Ltd

As well as traditional joinery, the company manufactures windows, staircases, bars and counter-tops, doors and conservatories. These products are a natural alternative to plastic equivalents and blend beautifully into any environment.

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Island Retreat Management

Service management packages for holiday home owners from one service provider

Sprake Building Services

A long established family business catering for all your building needs

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